Friday, July 8, 2011

Dux Dinner Series 2.0

The Dux Inaugural Series completed its last week in late June and I have been working furiously to put finishing touches on a new series menu and new available dates for Dux Series 2.  Part of the delay has been a very late run of produce this year due to the oddity of weather - everything seems to be runny 2 weeks later than normal.   

With the Series 2 menu, the focal point for the dinner derives from the romantic French vision of storytelling through food.  Without going into too much more extraneous detail, I've been batting around a name for the new dinner series and ended up with something called: Summer Landscapes.

Here is a preview of the menu, of course there is a chance of changes pending a complete trial week in the kitchen (including an easy option for all vegetarian).  Hopefully reservation dates and finalized menu to appear next week!


Figs On A Plate

-a set of uniquely treated figs


Monet's Tomato Garden

-yogurt, tomato seed & "paint", sweet basil granita


Summer Seascape

-smoked corn gelee, oyster, bonito


Peachtree Avenue

-peach, confit pork belly & shoulder, shortbread crumble


Wild Mushroom Forage

-poached wild mushroom, edible dirt


Silken Lily Pad

-house lavender tofu, wildflower honey & rose water, lychee, candied ginger



-a summer fruit interpretation